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kiddie club’s picnic @tanjung aru beach November 20, 2008

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26th october 2008 – kiddie’s club picnic at tanjung aru beach!

all the kids gathered at d’stream before being ferried to the beach…

a prayer by aunty kath before heading off…

a short time of singing songs and listening to stories about Jesus!

unmistakably theirs…

jaynabelle – little miss sunshine!

he’s going to be a looker… but more than that, may he be a man of character!

nathania – friendliest kid ever!

jing jing, who kind of reminds me of myself when i was young. not the looks. but her demeanor. shy & introverted. but i’m sure it’s the same God Who is able to mould and use as He pleases.



shania & vanessa

aren’t they creative?


the boys doing it the rough way!

jaynabelle & her sand-man

i asked zoe what was she doing… and guess what!? she told me she was making “sand juice”! cracked me up!

shania – well-mannered & obedient. totally lovable. there’s something special in her that i can’t really describe.

picture of ashley, taken off ground level.

little hands that will one day bring big changes to this world…


2 Responses to “kiddie club’s picnic @tanjung aru beach”

  1. CrazieSexaCool Says:

    It’s been awhile.. I’ve missed ur photos! =))

  2. sun, sea & sand lover Says:


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