through gus' lenses

sunset @tanjung aru beach November 21, 2008

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2nd november 2008 – enjoying the sunset on a sunday evening…




me: sham, which dslr are you getting?

sham: not too sure yet.

cynl: get an olympus!
me: erm… btw, what happened to your “ollie”‘s lcd? *rubbing salt to the wound*
 cynl: -_-
me: get a canon!
(moments later… when i wanted to get a picture of a lady strolling down the beach with her doggie… “gus” died on me)
cynl: what were you saying about canon?
me: -_-
soon-to-be nikon/sony alpha dslr owner



_MG_9113 copy

owner of an olympus dslr with a faulty lcd


_MG_9119 copy

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