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mel c’s wedding @STAR November 30, 2008

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22 november 2008 – mel c’s wedding at Shangrila’s Tanjung Aru Resort (STAR). it was beautiful…


the venue for the sunset cocktail


the wedding took place by the beach. i love it!
the bride looks beautiful… love the gown, the bouquet, and the fact that she walked down the aisle barefooted. totally unpretentious.
cute flowergirl
CONGRATULATIONS, mr & mrs hung!
mel c was carted to the venue by this golf buggy. the person who thought of this idea is a genius *wink wink*
a picture with the bride *picture courtesy of pamela
lovely backdrop to complete the wedding
love the details…

5 Responses to “mel c’s wedding @STAR”

  1. Julia Chung Says:

    Hey, u look good in ‘cheong sam’ 🙂

  2. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    yo, thought i look good in everything? no? =)

  3. Julia Chung Says:

    Hahahahah……… u look good in everything but outsanding in ‘cheong sam’ 🙂

  4. Kevin Says:

    haha i knew i knew that uncle!david chong’s dad! lOlcrazy stuff! woohuh he must be so happy!!!

  5. cyn² Says:

    wow… nice pic cath~ cantek!

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