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new development December 15, 2008

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early december – finally met up with julia after the longest time! we went shopping at 1borneo, sulaman.

trying out sunnies at vincci accessories


i think this one looks cute on her! christmas gift?


 later, we went to mc donald’s for dinner. love the shake it fries!

few days later (or was it 1 week later?), julia & i met up with mei hsia at 1borneo (again!). we grilled mei hsia to exhaustion at the…erm.. new development in her life.


oh, how i love my friends!

5 Responses to “new development”

  1. Julia Chung Says:

    Hey, doesn’t the sunnies look stunning?! Even if it does……… i dun wannit for Christmas :p

  2. K.Lo Says:

    heyyyy!heard that 1 Borneo has this castle and snow thing… you think can go and take picture? i wanna see leh heh

  3. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    julia: wat u want for christmas oh? it’s not easy to get a gift for a friend who has everything… almost everything… u know…k.lo: hehehehehehe… will do IF i do go 1borneo before the whole thing is over, k…

  4. Julia Chung Says:

    A well written Christmas card is what i want from a great friend 🙂

  5. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    likewise =) hahahahahahahahahaha

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