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more of ezra January 30, 2009

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24th january 2009 – chinese new year eve’s eve…

ezra was curious as to why his popo (grandma) wants to dry the orange peel

playing with gung gung (grandpa)


_MG_0233 selective
grace prior to dinner at port view restaurant. he seems so earnest in prayer!

this is for those of you who are overseas… may you drool over this bowl of fish noodle at houng kee, damai and come back soon!

yum yum


ezra’s 2nd birthday January 28, 2009

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23rd january 2009 – my mischievious nephew, ezra, celebrated his 2nd birthday.

he’s the love of his grandparents’ lives


barney bag from his aunty cath and angpow from the grandparents

blueberry cheesecake, lovingly made by his grandma


hard of hearing? January 27, 2009

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Once there was a man who dared God to speak
Burn the bush like You did for Moses, God
And I will follow
Collapse the walls like You did for Joshua, God
And I will fight
Still the waves like You did on Galilee, God
And I will listen
So the man sat by a bush, near a wall, close to the sea
and waited for God to speak
And God heard the man, so God answered
He sent fire, not for a bush, but for a church
He brought down a wall, not of brick, but of sin
He stilled a storm, not of the sea, but of a soul
And God waited for the man to respond
And God waited………
And God waited……….
And God waited………
But because the man was looking at bushes, not hearts;
bricks not lives,
seas not souls,
he decided that God had done nothing
Finally he looked to God and asked, ‘God, have You lost Your power?’
And God looked at the man and said, ‘Man, have you lost your hearing?’

* by jim graham, member of advisory board to ellel ministries


my nephew & i January 26, 2009

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25th january 2009 – my nephew came over with his parents 2 days ago to celebrate chinese new year with us. sigh… they grow up too fast.

still in our PJs…

… and yes, he has a slight runny nose.

* pictures from mobile phone.


new york, new york @1Borneo January 19, 2009

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early jan 2009 – new york, new york @1borneo.

*all pictures courtesy of sham’s louie a.k.a. nikon d90.

how many poses can you manage with a single giant burger?




glam? what glam?!


brand new year January 10, 2009

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1st january 2009 – it’s a brand NEW year…

visited the likas public park around noon. didn’t stay too long as it was hot. also, the place was packed with previous overnight-ers.

mat rock

hard rock

ok, try to ignore my hair. i was dragged out of my bed by CH after only 4.5hours of sleep.
*picture courtesy of elaine chung
i get it… i need a haircut!
*picture courtesy of elaine chung

then we decided to move on to have coconut pudding & kelapa bakar at the roadside of sulaman highway.

sham & lewis, her new nikon d90.

“whatcha looking at?”




“whatcha looking at?”

final stop at mimpian jadi



bliss January 2, 2009

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27th december 2008 – somehow, felt oh-so-tired after christmas. so, was yearning for some truly relaxing time with few things in my mind – books, cocktail, gus & beach.
*picture taken by julia


all time favourite – long island tea. i think first beach cafe at tanjung aru beach serves pretty decent cocktail.


*picture taken by julia
*picture taken by julia


aahhh… bliss.


i think i shall do this again someday…