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brand new year January 10, 2009

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1st january 2009 – it’s a brand NEW year…

visited the likas public park around noon. didn’t stay too long as it was hot. also, the place was packed with previous overnight-ers.

mat rock

hard rock

ok, try to ignore my hair. i was dragged out of my bed by CH after only 4.5hours of sleep.
*picture courtesy of elaine chung
i get it… i need a haircut!
*picture courtesy of elaine chung

then we decided to move on to have coconut pudding & kelapa bakar at the roadside of sulaman highway.

sham & lewis, her new nikon d90.

“whatcha looking at?”




“whatcha looking at?”

final stop at mimpian jadi



5 Responses to “brand new year”

  1. V a L S h a M © Says:

    aiyak… i wanted to edit my comment. Hahaha… anyway, what I wanted to say was…The name is Louie, he’s French -_-

  2. cath k Says:

    hahahaha… but but but… nikon has its origin in japan. how can it be a french? identity crisis!

  3. V a L S h a M © Says:

    oh… no, no, no, no… no identity crisis. he’s FBJ.

  4. cath k Says:

    u mean, JBF?

  5. V a L S h a M © Says:

    muahaha… ya. finally and it goes without saying u’re the one that’s been buggin gme lah.JBF? erm…. I’m confused @_@” hahaha… as long as his name stays Louie, i dun care lah.

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