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kudat April 29, 2009

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10th to 11th april 2009 – an overnight trip to kudat, sabah…


after driving for approximately 3 hours, covering about 200km from kota kinabalu, we arrived in kudat. first stop was at this coffeeshop – kedai air sekerim nam sin.
i love this pastry with strawberry filling… and we were in for a treat as they just brought these out from the oven.
then we checked ourselves into hotel ria, which is located near the ferry terminal to pulau banggi.
the rate for a room with twin beds is about RM80 per night. nice and clean, reasonably priced too. highly recommended.
we wasted no time and immediately drove to the end of the esplanade to take a few shots. unfortunately, the sun proved to be too much for us and we were soon headed back to our hotel room for a quick nap.
julia, the travel buddy.
when the sun set, we decided to explore the town on foot…
… and ended up at a dock 10-minute away from our hotel.




friendly locals





a chinese temple located right beside our hotel

we then had our seafood dinner at this popular spot – gerai makan dan minum 2899. cheap and good.
we had prawns, squid and fish. yummy! but crabs, scallops and venison were unavailable that night. to book in advance, call 016 831 7338.
we ended our night early, reading in our room.


the next morning, after having the famous yong tau fu (stuffed tofu) and chun ken (eggroll), we checked out of our hotel and drove back to kota kinabalu.


stopped by the road side on our way back to get some corn for my parents.
pulau banggi… next time, maybe.

addiction April 20, 2009

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lately, i’ve been addicted to jigs potato crisps – sweet n savoury flavour.
usually, i walk over to likas servay hypermarket across the college to top up my daily fill. but lately, it is out of stock.
so, today after a walk in likas sports complex, i drove over to chiu tai seng supermart in search of my fill. unfortunately, it was out of stock as well! my craving led me to likas mart. with great anticipation, i searched and found the shelf which displays jigs potato crisps. it appears untouched. almost sacred (ok, exaggeration). pretty soon, i figured out the reason…
i normally pay only RM1.60 per packet. here, at likas mart, they sell it for RM1.99! that makes the price 24.38% higher than the other stores! as if that’s not enough, they round up the total to RM4 for the two packets that i bought. oh well, at least it is sufficient to tide me through the next couple of days.

addiction, such force of compulsion. deliver me from evil.


selah April 18, 2009

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treasure in clay pots April 15, 2009

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taken from “seeds of the kingdom“, a devotional from ellel ministries international for 15th april 2009, written by angela weir.

We possess this precious treasure, the divine Light of the Gospel, in frail, human vessels of earth, that the grandeur and exceeding greatness of the power may be shown to be from God and not from ourselves. 2 Corinthians 4: 7, Amp

“I was listening to a radio play one afternoon recently, telling of the beginning of Jesus’ ministry here on earth. What came across to me so vividly in this story, that we all know so well, was how very ordinary Jesus’ first disciples were.

This was shown dramatically when Jesus told Peter and Andrew to let down their nets, and having caught nothing throughout a long, hard night’s fishing, they hauled in a huge catch. Peter’s reaction was one of brokenness and fear as he told Jesus to go away from him, recognising in Jesus a purity and light that showed up all his own sinfulness.

So often we feel inadequate and ill-prepared for serving Jesus. We want to give Him our very best but feel failures, as we sin again or make mistakes. As we look at Peter’s life and see the many mistakes he made, we can take comfort from the fact the Jesus still chose him – just as He still chooses us – to work with Him for His Kingdom purposes. He really loves us that much!

When we belong to Him we have the treasure of the Gospel (good news) within us, frail vessels that we are, which enables us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and, in His strength, start all over again.”

those who know me, know that my life is marked with sins, mistakes and failures. truly, i want to give my very best to God… but i’m learning that this can’t possibly be accomplished by my own strength (yes, i’ve tried, for too many times).
sometimes, i wonder what went wrong.
sometimes, i want to give up.
sometimes, i feel like running away.
sometimes, i face the world with a mask.
sometimes, i withdraw.
but, to know that He still chose me! He still chose me, with my sins, failures and mistakes! HE STILL CHOSE ME! HE STILL CHOSE ME!
may i learn to depend more on my God. my Rock.

black & white April 8, 2009

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_MG_0464 b&w

_MG_0465 b&w

_MG_0466 b&w

_MG_0493 b&w



monsopiad cultural village April 4, 2009

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14th march 2009 (sat) – a couple of friends & i visited the monsopiad cultural village.
this village was founded a decade or so ago in memory of a kadazan head hunter, si monsopiad *shudder* thank goodness he is the last headhunter of borneo, who died some three centuries ago.
located at kampung kuai kadazon penampang, the village showcasts the beliefs, culture and traditions of the kadazan community.


upon registration and payment of RM20, we were led to a nearby hut where traditional kadazan cultural dances were already in progress.


dancers were performing to the beats of the traditional gongs
later, a man, dressed in traditional hunting garb, reenacted the role of monsopiad. i think he was trying to look fearsome but he knew he failed pretty miserably when a little girl walked up close and personal to him, boldly displaying the “peace” sign.
check out his head gear…
…and his accessories.


after the show, we went round the place shooting



guess what this is…
photography… on a totally different level altogether.


a pot of rice… the main raw material of talak



erm… something to do with the distilled rice wine, talak
closer look
erm… forgot what is this for…
tajau (jar), covered with leaves, containing the precious talak
ragi (yeast), added to the rice, and then fermented, to produce talak (i think)
sikat – traditional rice wine with herb
for more information on the local brew, please click here
skulls of monsopiad’s victims


huge container to store the rice grain for a year’s supply after the harvest



hanging bridge
excuse the blur-ish picture as the bridge was kind of shaky
sham & louie


samandaks atas jambatan gantung



the trip was cut short by a downpour but it was fun nonetheless.