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monsopiad cultural village April 4, 2009

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14th march 2009 (sat) – a couple of friends & i visited the monsopiad cultural village.
this village was founded a decade or so ago in memory of a kadazan head hunter, si monsopiad *shudder* thank goodness he is the last headhunter of borneo, who died some three centuries ago.
located at kampung kuai kadazon penampang, the village showcasts the beliefs, culture and traditions of the kadazan community.


upon registration and payment of RM20, we were led to a nearby hut where traditional kadazan cultural dances were already in progress.


dancers were performing to the beats of the traditional gongs
later, a man, dressed in traditional hunting garb, reenacted the role of monsopiad. i think he was trying to look fearsome but he knew he failed pretty miserably when a little girl walked up close and personal to him, boldly displaying the “peace” sign.
check out his head gear…
…and his accessories.


after the show, we went round the place shooting



guess what this is…
photography… on a totally different level altogether.


a pot of rice… the main raw material of talak



erm… something to do with the distilled rice wine, talak
closer look
erm… forgot what is this for…
tajau (jar), covered with leaves, containing the precious talak
ragi (yeast), added to the rice, and then fermented, to produce talak (i think)
sikat – traditional rice wine with herb
for more information on the local brew, please click here
skulls of monsopiad’s victims


huge container to store the rice grain for a year’s supply after the harvest



hanging bridge
excuse the blur-ish picture as the bridge was kind of shaky
sham & louie


samandaks atas jambatan gantung



the trip was cut short by a downpour but it was fun nonetheless.

3 Responses to “monsopiad cultural village”

  1. Elaine Chung Says:

    interesting shots you’ve got there. Mine will remain in my computer for awhile..ehe..

  2. V a L S h a M © Says:

    Astaga!!! Photography on a totally new level? I think Elaine has another one of these kind of shots to strengthen your point.

  3. cath k Says:

    elaine: can’t wait to see your pics! post the one with sham taking photography to a totally new level!sham: hehehehe… more incriminating shots eh?

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