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treasure in clay pots April 15, 2009

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taken from “seeds of the kingdom“, a devotional from ellel ministries international for 15th april 2009, written by angela weir.

We possess this precious treasure, the divine Light of the Gospel, in frail, human vessels of earth, that the grandeur and exceeding greatness of the power may be shown to be from God and not from ourselves. 2 Corinthians 4: 7, Amp

“I was listening to a radio play one afternoon recently, telling of the beginning of Jesus’ ministry here on earth. What came across to me so vividly in this story, that we all know so well, was how very ordinary Jesus’ first disciples were.

This was shown dramatically when Jesus told Peter and Andrew to let down their nets, and having caught nothing throughout a long, hard night’s fishing, they hauled in a huge catch. Peter’s reaction was one of brokenness and fear as he told Jesus to go away from him, recognising in Jesus a purity and light that showed up all his own sinfulness.

So often we feel inadequate and ill-prepared for serving Jesus. We want to give Him our very best but feel failures, as we sin again or make mistakes. As we look at Peter’s life and see the many mistakes he made, we can take comfort from the fact the Jesus still chose him – just as He still chooses us – to work with Him for His Kingdom purposes. He really loves us that much!

When we belong to Him we have the treasure of the Gospel (good news) within us, frail vessels that we are, which enables us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and, in His strength, start all over again.”

those who know me, know that my life is marked with sins, mistakes and failures. truly, i want to give my very best to God… but i’m learning that this can’t possibly be accomplished by my own strength (yes, i’ve tried, for too many times).
sometimes, i wonder what went wrong.
sometimes, i want to give up.
sometimes, i feel like running away.
sometimes, i face the world with a mask.
sometimes, i withdraw.
but, to know that He still chose me! He still chose me, with my sins, failures and mistakes! HE STILL CHOSE ME! HE STILL CHOSE ME!
may i learn to depend more on my God. my Rock.

3 Responses to “treasure in clay pots”

  1. Julia Chung Says:

    Thank you for reminding 🙂 I’ve forgotten despite my frailties, He still choose me. Simply becos, He is LOVE

  2. mizluvl33 Says:

    yay, and He still choose me! n i would still choose your neck ;p miss ya, cathrine san!

  3. cath k Says:

    julia: it’s indeed a good reminder. it’s not who we are, but who He is!mizluvl33: my neck feels so chosen! miss u too, phyllis-san!

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