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addiction April 20, 2009

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lately, i’ve been addicted to jigs potato crisps – sweet n savoury flavour.
usually, i walk over to likas servay hypermarket across the college to top up my daily fill. but lately, it is out of stock.
so, today after a walk in likas sports complex, i drove over to chiu tai seng supermart in search of my fill. unfortunately, it was out of stock as well! my craving led me to likas mart. with great anticipation, i searched and found the shelf which displays jigs potato crisps. it appears untouched. almost sacred (ok, exaggeration). pretty soon, i figured out the reason…
i normally pay only RM1.60 per packet. here, at likas mart, they sell it for RM1.99! that makes the price 24.38% higher than the other stores! as if that’s not enough, they round up the total to RM4 for the two packets that i bought. oh well, at least it is sufficient to tide me through the next couple of days.

addiction, such force of compulsion. deliver me from evil.


3 Responses to “addiction”

  1. cyn² Says:

    oh.. no prob..we go for few more rounds next monday..xD

  2. cath k Says:

    hahahaha… need more than a few rounds maybe.

  3. Elaine Chung Says:

    errrr….u make me crave for jigs la!

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