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indonesia (jakarta & bandung): day 3 June 24, 2009

25th may 2009 – the next morning, we walked over to pasar pagi behind ibis mangga dua hotel for breakfast.


i had soto banjar (chicken with noodle in soup & rice! 16,000 rupiah) and jus alpukat (avacado juice, 15,000 rupiah).


pasar pagi… worth spending at least a day here.
stalls along the side walk, a common sight.
around noon, we took a cab (30,000 rupiah) from our hotel to gambir train station, where we took a 3-hour economy class train ride (25,000 rupiah) to bandung.


passengers can buy their meals/drinks on board but i chose to settle for half a dozen of doughnuts which i bought earlier on from pasar pagi.


when we arrived at bandung, we tried to hail a cab to hotel cemerlang which is only about 5- minute walk from the train station. but the unscrupulous cab driver refused to lower his price below 50,000 rupiah. in the end, we took an angkut, which cost us only 2,500 rupiah. hmpf!
hotel cemerlang (318,000 rupiah per night, buffet breakfast inclusive)
d’batoe, a boutique hotel we saw along our way to istana plaza for our dinner.
another interesting landmark, church of emmanuel.
tengsing udang (21,000 rupiah) and mango juice (16,500 rupiah) for dinner.
i love the mango juice. nice and thick.

indonesia (jakarta): day 1 & 2 June 13, 2009

23 may 2009 – my colleague & i travelled to indonesia for a much needed 1-week break.


we arrived at soekarno-hatta international airport around midnight and immediately hailed a bluebird cab (97,000 rupiah) to ibis mangga dua hotel (400,000 rupiah per night). after checking in, we had supper and then went off to bed.


24 may 2009 – the next day, we walked over to pasar pagi behind our hotel to grab breakfast.

i had a bowl of yummy seafood tom yam (20,000 rupiah) while my colleague had a plate of fried rice.
then, we took an angkut (similar version of our bas mini, 2,500 rupiah) to our next destination. while waiting for the angkut, i took a picture of a nicely decorated bajaj (auto rickshaw).
ancol dreamland amusement park (entrance fee, 12,000 rupiah)
art market
art exhibition
artist at work





fantasy world – picture taken from the ferris wheel (entrance fee, 120,000 rupiah, inclusive of all rides)
lim & i
closer look of the adrenaline junkies hanging upside down from the tornado
inside the tilting house
lim dared me to take the roller coaster ride with her, complete with a 360-degree turn and corkscrew. i did it… with my eyes shut. don’t judge me! other rides which we did were the pirate boat swing, bumper cars, puppet castle, including queueing up around 1-hour for the simulator theatre.
ended the day with a local brew (24,000 rupiah). perfect.

it’s a fishy business June 2, 2009

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23 may 2009 – after a late night out, we woke up early the next morning, headed for the sabah fish market (SAFMA).
as we got off the car, immediately our olfactory nerve picked up the unmistakable whiff of all things fishy.



uncle lee brought us there… the usual suspects

the mother of all knives

various sea creatures for sale…






can anyone let me know the name of this fish? i call it the “unicorn fish” but no one believed me… for a good reason.


the boy was playing with a dead fish on board a fishing boat, alone.


lovely boots, phua chu kang style… don’t play-play.




all in a hard day’s work



elaine’s birthday @firefly June 1, 2009

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22 may 2009 – celebrating elaine’s birthday @firefly bar & grill, kk times square, kota kinabalu.

kk times square

cynthia’s cell and a couple of “strays”. good food. great selection of drinks.

love all our expressions *picture taken by a waiter


sophia, sharain and sabrina

sabrina *picture taken by one of us

cynthia and i *picture taken by one of us

the birthday girl, elaine

warning: un-glam pics ahead

*picture taken by elaine

sham! this is a “maintain” pic la!

sham! suppose to “pose” now bah
madalen, tiu kon ma kai?
ok, got the hint… time to go home. by the way, nice set of pearlies.
for she’s a jolly good bella, for she’s a jolly good bella
for she’s a jolly good bella, which nobody can deny
which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny
for she’s a jolly good bella, for she’s a jolly good bella
for she’s a jolly good bella, which nobody can deny…

happy birthday, elaine!