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it’s a fishy business June 2, 2009

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23 may 2009 – after a late night out, we woke up early the next morning, headed for the sabah fish market (SAFMA).
as we got off the car, immediately our olfactory nerve picked up the unmistakable whiff of all things fishy.



uncle lee brought us there… the usual suspects

the mother of all knives

various sea creatures for sale…






can anyone let me know the name of this fish? i call it the “unicorn fish” but no one believed me… for a good reason.


the boy was playing with a dead fish on board a fishing boat, alone.


lovely boots, phua chu kang style… don’t play-play.




all in a hard day’s work



5 Responses to “it’s a fishy business”

  1. mizluvl33 Says:

    I SEE DADDYYYY!!!! hehehee thanks Cathrine san, a thoughtful gift for the home-sick soul some where out there 😀 loves n hugs! 🙂

  2. Elaine Chung Says:

    come back come back! I still want to bring you to karambunai for cycling!

  3. mizluvl33 Says:

    hehehe! yayy!!! why is it karambunai oredi ah? xppromise ya!!!*shakes hand and pinky-shake-pinky*heheheheh!

  4. cath k Says:

    mizluvl33: u r welcome… thought of u when i post this up =) come back soon!elaine: "teng chay yau fan" (translated from cantonese = bystander has a share too). hehehehehe…

  5. cyn² Says:

    yay!! teng chay yau fan… 😀

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