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indonesia (bandung): day 4 July 4, 2009

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26th may 2009 – we spent the day travelling mostly on angkut (2,500; 1,500; 2,500 rupiah) from one shopping place to another. the angkut drivers were very helpful to provide us the direction. we walked a lot too. i enjoyed travelling the local way as i got to see more of bandung.


good old angkut



factory outlet!
more factory outlet!
generic perfumes
endless shopping
after a while, i got bored of shopping and started looking around, taking pictures; while waiting for my colleague/friend, lim to be done.


i enjoyed my lunch – mie jogja (14,000 rupiah), baso malang (10,500 rupiah) and jus alpukat (12,000 rupiah).


our final stop was at rumah mode. if i were to choose only one factory outlet to shop in, this would be it. good variety of clothes.




we spent 2 – 3 hours here. but if you think i bought a lot on this shopping spree, you are mistaken. total damage was only 292 800 rupiah (rm100). after a long day of shopping, we took a cab (20,000 rupiah) back to our hotel for a good night rest.


2 Responses to “indonesia (bandung): day 4”

  1. Elaine Chung Says:

    hmm…the architecture are quite unique.

  2. cath k Says:

    indeed. i guess this is part of the reason why we enjoy travelling. looking at something different =)

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