through gus' lenses

indonesia (bandung): day 5 July 12, 2009

27th may 2009

we stayed at guci hotel on the second night in bandung as the previous hotel was fully booked. i highly recommend this hotel for two simple reasons – a) a gallon of drinking water inclusive in each room b) lovely breakfast buffet. look out for their homemade pink guava juice.

before going any where else with our rented car & driver (300,000 rupiah), we stopped at the money changer to convert more of our ringgit malaysia to rupiah.

about an hour and a half away from bandung, is tangkuban parahu (entrance fee 17,000 rupiah). this is bandung’s most famous tourist volcano.
tangkuban parahu is a volcano with three craters into which areas tourists can walk through. however, extra charges apply and we did not bother negotiating.

panoramic scenery with cooling weather.

next destination, tea plantation. nothing interesting though.


we stopped over at jasmine cafe for lunch.

fried rice with strawberry milkshake (45,000 rupiah)

after lunch, my colleague stopped for sate kerinchi (rabbit satay) by the roadside while i sipped at teh botol, which i noticed was popular amongst the indonesians. it is sweetened tea in a bottle.

then we visited to the strawberry farm (entrance fee 5,000 rupiah). accompanied my colleague to pick the strawberries.

after all that, the driver drove us back to bandung. with some more time to kill before we catch our train to jogjakarta, we decided to visit some more factory outlets. i got bored after a while and decide to take pictures instead.


towards evening, we told the driver to bring us to any local restaurants for dinner nearby the train station. he took us to this nasi padang place. the food looks good but the taste is far from it. oh well, at least it kept us filled for the overnight journey to jogjakarta…


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