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indonesia (bandung/jakarta): day 7 August 16, 2009

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29th may 2009 – we took an overnight train from jogjakarta and arrived in bandung early in the morning. after having buffet breakfast (20,000 rupiah) at hotel guci, we grabbed our luggage and headed for the train station again to take another train to jakarta.





after spending so much time on the train, in the economy class compartment, i was getting rather tired of it.

more so when i encountered a passenger who smokes, seated right in front of me!

at least i got rewarded with a scenic view of the paddy field.


once we arrived in jakarta, we tried getting a room in ibis mangga dua hotel again. big mistake as there was a tour group checking in to the hotel on the same day. hence, there wasn’t any room for us. we borrowed a cell phone from a local tourist and tried getting a room in another hotel. finally, we settled for the lesser known travellers hotel.

after we checked in to our room, we wasted no time in getting a ride to mangga dua square to have our dinner and do some last minute shopping.

our room for the final night in indonesia.


3 Responses to “indonesia (bandung/jakarta): day 7”

  1. mizluvl33 Says:

    Cathrine san, everyday still bandung day 7 leh? ;p

  2. cath k Says:

    hahahahah… so you can have a better look at my day 7 in bandung!

  3. mizluvl33 Says:

    oh, i've had a pretty good look at it now.. haha!TAKE CARE THERE Cathrine san!!!! :))14 more weeks for ur neck to stay nice and beautiful, WOO HOOOO!!! 😀

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