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indonesia (jakarta): day 8 September 6, 2009

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30 may 2009 – my final day in indonesia! i would like to tell you that it ended with a big BANG. however, it was more like a smooth landing after a good flight.


traveller’s hotel, where we stayed on our final night in jakarta.




we had a few hours to kill before our flight. i accompanied my colleague, lim, who wanted to visit the taman mini indonesia indah (beautiful indonesia in miniature park).


it is basically a huge park with samplings of indonesia’s >250 cultures.






as we need to cover the huge park in a short period of time, we hired a bicycle each. i thought riding the bike was more fun than the actual deal.





it was around this time i decided i have had enough of the different architecture of the buildings, and got distracted by the workers dressed in bunny suits on a hot noon day.



i guess someone decided s/he couldn’t take the heat anymore and went for a break.


2 Responses to “indonesia (jakarta): day 8”

  1. mizluvl33 Says:

    HAHAHA! the caption for the purple bunny costume is so funny! Thanks for Day 8. Now i feel satisfied, like the trip has ended. xp

  2. cath k Says:

    hehehehee… when i saw the abandoned purple bunny suit, i was wondering what happened to its "resident".ya, the "trip" has fnally ended… 3 months on =)

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