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kk adventures park September 16, 2009

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6th june 2009 – students’ orientation week at kk adventures park.




reminds me of catherine zeta-jones in entrapment.


madam lukinah, ellyanti, madam dorothy and me!








wall climbing

tension… because all the students were watching!



and yes, phyllis-san… good thing MUST wait!


2 Responses to “kk adventures park”

  1. mizluvl33 Says:

    haha! yeah, finally i've waited long enough!you look like the teacher who wall-climbed as well in I not Stupid. Hee, Ms Cathrine (is that what they call you?)! :p

  2. cath k Says:

    nopes, din watch "I Not Stupid"… yet. but i'm pretty sure the teacher is pretty >.<students usually call me miss cath =)alrights then, wait for the next blog entry ya *winks*

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