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church family day 2009 October 22, 2009

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16th september 2009 – d’stream’s first ever family day!

tanjung aru beach

person-in-charge of this event – cynthia lee


three-legged race

erm… locked-arm race?

piggyback race

blindfolded race


i shall not even attempt to explain

aunty kath & amos

trying to fit as many person as possible on a piece of folded trash bag.


sabina, moi, aunty tiana, sharon c & siau yee



wedding anniversary celebration of paul & gerry

birthday celebration of rev. kenneth. i think he was trying to shield the wind from snuffing out the fire of the candles.


ps vui tze & tang

leaving a palm print on the banner


group picture

gosh, what do you call this game? i seriously forgot!

i think the event was a success.. we all had great fun, as evidenced by this picture!


7 Responses to “church family day 2009”

  1. mizluvl33 Says:

    eeeee! looks like so much fun!!! =)u mean, tug of war? please don't say, "pandai, dong.."

  2. mizluvl33 Says:

    yerrrrr, i was so shocked at first when i saw the last picture, it looked like the girl on the farthest right had 3 hands and 3 feet!

  3. cath k Says:

    ya… we had fun!!ahhahaha… yes, tug-of-war! how could i forget?! "pandai, ding.."i didn't realize the girl on the far right with extra limbs til someone commented about that on facebook. i wonder who was behind her…

  4. mizluvl33 Says:

    it's actually me ba, i can't be seen, so i hid behind.. ;p

  5. V a L S h a M © Says:

    phy2: pandai, dong..cath: it's also called tarik tali. hehehehe

  6. cath k Says:

    phyllis-san: u sure it was u? i can't recall seeing u there… try as i might.sham: oh… tug of war/tarik tali. in hakka is "lai sok" la?

  7. Cynthia Lee Says:

    TUG OF WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PANDAI DANG!!!

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