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water baptism November 10, 2009

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27th september 2009 – in the morning, during church service, two children were baptised. later in the afternoon, five adults were baptised at tanjung aru beach.
* all pictures were taken by yeong ying using gus, unless otherwise stated.
jasper clung on to his father, before being pryed away by his mother to be handed over to rev kenneth for baptism. *picture taken by blog owner.
later in the afternoon, some of us gathered at tanjung aru beach to support five adults who were going to be baptised.
wei jian reading the bible while felix and rev kenneth looked on.
the men…
i waded in the sea water til it was thigh high, to witness the baptism of one of my students  
*picture taken by felix wong.
right after the baptism. i love the reflection on ground.
my cell group & i
the five adults who were baptised, with their witnesses.

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