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mosaic, hyatt February 28, 2010

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9th january 2010 – afternoon tea coffee with julia @mosaic, hyatt.


then we walked over to the nearby seaside for photo-taking.



i love sunset!


gayana eco resort February 24, 2010

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28th december 2009 – visited gayana eco resort with elaine and luciana.


 kiki greeting visitors at the reception area


visited the marine ecology research centre (MERC):

 starfish in the midst of feeding when we picked it up from the touch tank


 scuba diving lesson is available but it is more pricey compared to other operators. the diving instructors entertain on-lookers as well when they are not diving, by doing backflips. ok, maybe not.


overall, it was a fairly good experience. do not expect sandy beach or you will be utterly disappointed.


where do you place your hope? February 21, 2010

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has anyone ever uttered any life-altering words to you? words that move you out of the life that you have always known. words that dash all your hope in a single moment. words that pull all form of familiarity and security from under you.

to a man who has just retired and started to live the life he has always wanted, with his wife, surrounded by grandchildren – “you’ve got stage 4 liver cancer.”

to a housewife with three children and a home house – “wife, there is another woman. i want a divorce.”

to a woman, who was told that he would be marrying her, who made all the moves towards that dream, only to be told – “i no longer love you, i want a break up.”

to a successful man, who has been working faithfully with the company for the past 20 years – “you have just been retrenched.”

life-altering words.

where then, do you place your hope?

definitely not in our health. not in our spouse. not in our career. not in our loved ones.

where then?


the exodus February 20, 2010

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welcome to my new site!

why the move?

i have decided to move from my previous blog to keep things more personal and private. i realize that some readers have reached my previous blog by “googling” for the name of my college. therefore, in this new blog,  i have meticulously removed the name of the college from all the blog entries.

why the name?

while thinking of a new blog address, i looked up to my bookshelf and saw a book by kathryn kuhlman entitled, “daughter of destiny“. some of you may know that i am fascinated by the life of kathryn kuhlman since i was a young christian. her life was full of controversies and imperfections, yet she was greatly used by God to bring thousands and thousands of lives into God’s kingdom through healing crusades. similarly, our lives can be used by God, if we choose to place ourselves in His hand. maybe not in the same capacity. or maybe, at a greater capacity. that does not matter.

why a blog?

why do i keep a blog, you may wonder. it functions as a photoblog, a portal for friends to find out what’s going on in my life.


dance practice for chrismas 2009 February 14, 2010

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19th december 2009 – dance practice for christmas at d’stream, centre point sabah.

*all pictures taken by felix wong with “gus”


the hip hop dancers – cynthia lee, ivy & lulu

contemporary dancers – cynthia chia, yeong ying, margaret & myself

lulu, our christmas dance teacher, in action




lulu lao shi giving us some pointers

viewing our dance routine with amusement


cycling @nexus karambunai

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19th december 2009 – cycling @nexus karambunai resort with some friends.

well, more like THEY cycled while I sat by the beach, enjoying my breakfast.


cynthia lee aka kampung girl

[picture removed]

elaine chung

luciana “lulu” lo

the “lee” sisters

phyllis is picture-ready



the trip ended with a yumcha session at jeong hin, inanam. i love their buttermilk bun! highly recommended.

family time @kasih sayang resort

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27th november 2009 – kasih sayang resort with my parents.

was here the first time round with a mystery “friend” and thought my parents would love it.



i think they did. panoramic view of the city of kota kinabalu. cool crisp air. teh c. tuaran mee.

passed by the mt kokol prayer retreat centre on our way home. i’ll be back.