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the exodus February 20, 2010

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welcome to my new site!

why the move?

i have decided to move from my previous blog to keep things more personal and private. i realize that some readers have reached my previous blog by “googling” for the name of my college. therefore, in this new blog,  i have meticulously removed the name of the college from all the blog entries.

why the name?

while thinking of a new blog address, i looked up to my bookshelf and saw a book by kathryn kuhlman entitled, “daughter of destiny“. some of you may know that i am fascinated by the life of kathryn kuhlman since i was a young christian. her life was full of controversies and imperfections, yet she was greatly used by God to bring thousands and thousands of lives into God’s kingdom through healing crusades. similarly, our lives can be used by God, if we choose to place ourselves in His hand. maybe not in the same capacity. or maybe, at a greater capacity. that does not matter.

why a blog?

why do i keep a blog, you may wonder. it functions as a photoblog, a portal for friends to find out what’s going on in my life.


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