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where do you place your hope? February 21, 2010

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has anyone ever uttered any life-altering words to you? words that move you out of the life that you have always known. words that dash all your hope in a single moment. words that pull all form of familiarity and security from under you.

to a man who has just retired and started to live the life he has always wanted, with his wife, surrounded by grandchildren – “you’ve got stage 4 liver cancer.”

to a housewife with three children and a home house – “wife, there is another woman. i want a divorce.”

to a woman, who was told that he would be marrying her, who made all the moves towards that dream, only to be told – “i no longer love you, i want a break up.”

to a successful man, who has been working faithfully with the company for the past 20 years – “you have just been retrenched.”

life-altering words.

where then, do you place your hope?

definitely not in our health. not in our spouse. not in our career. not in our loved ones.

where then?


2 Responses to “where do you place your hope?”

  1. phyllis san Says:

    cathrine san, u rock! =)

    miss ya!

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