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sharon & paul’s big day! March 20, 2010

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6th february 2010 – finally. sharon & paul’s wedding day! 

heirloom – for the tea ceremony



there’s a special name for this tea but it escapes my mind. but in the chinese language, it is suppose to sound like “sons”. for tradition’s sake.


the happy couple

sharon was reading aloud the wordings on a card from her parents. it was a touching moment. i was holding back my tears while taking pictures. multi-tasking.


group picture taken by the photographer – robin ng. the bride looks lovely!


i was craving for a bowl of sarawak laksa but i thought i would not have time for it during this trip as we had a pretty hectic schedule. however, i was delighted when the groom’s family bought it back to the apartment. mission: accomplished.


 later in the afternoon, we made our way to the sarawak club for the wedding rehearsal.



after which, we went back to the apartment for a make over.




 the beautiful bride! sharon was the third generation in her family to be wearing the pearl necklace for their weddings. note: both of us were FULLY clothed.

from here onwards, i stopped taking pictures to be a full-time bridesmaid. it was truly an honour, not only to witness sharon & paul’s wedding, but also to play a part in a significant day of  their lives. thank you.


sharon & paul’s signing ceremony March 18, 2010

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5th february 2010 – early friday morning, my cell group member – aunty katherine and i flew in from kota kinabalu to kuching to attend sharon & paul’s wedding.

the signing of the marriage certificate took place at paul’s church – SIB grace, kuching. the bride looked gorgeous in the dress, which was made by her mother-in-law!


one could feel the love shown by the leadership and members of the church by the tremendous effort put into organising the ceremony – worship leading, preaching, ring exchange, refreshment, church decoration, etc.


legally married


later, we checked into hotel 360, kuching. without wasting much time, we went to the spring mall, supposedly the largest mall in kuching, for dimsum. after window shopping for about a couple of hours, we took a cab back to the hotel for a much needed nap.


at night, we went over to paul & sharon’s apartment for dinner. sharon’s mother and aunties cooked up a storm! delicious hakka dishes. lovely fellowship.



conversation at the workplace March 5, 2010

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conversation between  大媽 and  小媽.

大媽: are you able to work this weekend? we need you to interview the nursing candidates during the college’s career day.

小媽: oh, i can’t. saturday, i have to teach part-time at another university. and sunday, i have my daughter’s PTA meeting to attend…. blah… blah… blah.

大媽: oh. so how?

小媽: *tried to push responsibility to other colleagues*

when i overheard the conversation, i knew somehow i’d be roped in. so i made a quiet exit to visit the loo. miraculously, their conversation lasted looong enough for them to catch me when i was tip-toeing returning to my seat.

overhead 大媽 saying, “then you have to ask cathrine yourself”.

小媽: *in saccharine-sweet, diabetes-inducing  voice* cath, can you work this weekend?

me: oh… i am occupied this saturday afternoon and sunday morning.

小媽: *looked surprised that a single lady has a life beyond work. before long, used threatening tone and glare to get me to comply*

me: *caved in due to being below her in the food chain organizational chart*

such is life, or is it?