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conversation at the workplace March 5, 2010

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conversation between  大媽 and  小媽.

大媽: are you able to work this weekend? we need you to interview the nursing candidates during the college’s career day.

小媽: oh, i can’t. saturday, i have to teach part-time at another university. and sunday, i have my daughter’s PTA meeting to attend…. blah… blah… blah.

大媽: oh. so how?

小媽: *tried to push responsibility to other colleagues*

when i overheard the conversation, i knew somehow i’d be roped in. so i made a quiet exit to visit the loo. miraculously, their conversation lasted looong enough for them to catch me when i was tip-toeing returning to my seat.

overhead 大媽 saying, “then you have to ask cathrine yourself”.

小媽: *in saccharine-sweet, diabetes-inducing  voice* cath, can you work this weekend?

me: oh… i am occupied this saturday afternoon and sunday morning.

小媽: *looked surprised that a single lady has a life beyond work. before long, used threatening tone and glare to get me to comply*

me: *caved in due to being below her in the food chain organizational chart*

such is life, or is it?


One Response to “conversation at the workplace”

  1. Yingying Says:

    Yeah!!! Said it out!!! Dun let them hav a mind-set that singles don’t have anything to do during weekends… ada banyak-banyak activities de!!! Especially utk Tuhan kita!!!

    Yeahhhhhhh 😀

    Hehehehheeh… Cath Kong jia you~!!!

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