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tempurung seaside lodge & pulau tiga September 17, 2010

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2nd & 3rd april 2010 – this trip took place almost half a year ago over the Good Friday holiday. so, do forgive me if i am unable to remember the details.


tempurung seaside lodge is located at kuala penyu, sabah. it is about 2-hour drive from kota kinabalu, i think. memory is kind of fuzzy as i was not the one driving. moreover, i fell asleep on the way there.

getting to the lodge can be a little tricky as it is located in the middle of nowhere… at least that was how it looked like to me. but we were fortunate to have valerie sham to drive us there as she is quite familiar with the way. after making one wrong turn, and after a call to the lodge to enquire the right route, we arrived to find a whole stretch of white sandy beach awaiting us! all the effort seemed well worth it.

after checking in, we wasted no time in hitting the beach with our junk food and books.

* picture courtesy of elaine chung


at one point, we attempted to kayak. i said, we ATTEMPTED to kayak. it turned out to be harder than we thought. but we had fun laughing…

* picture courtesy of elaine chung

after a hot shower, we went to the dining area for dinner. the rest of the evening was spent catching up, chilling and reading books (again!). some of them played a game of pool.


before long, it was time to sleep. there wasn’t any air-conditioner in our room but the fan was enough to keep us cool.

the next day, we woke up early enough to pack our bags and head towards the town of kuala penyu to catch a boat ride to pulau tiga, the island made famous by the reality show – survivor.


after about 30-minute boat ride (again, fuzzy memory), we reached pulau tiga, also known as survivor island.

we checked ourselves into a room for day use and dumped our valuables there. soon after, a guide brought us to the mud thingy. WHAT DO YOU CALL IT?? mud bath? after hiking for what seemed like ages (around 15 minutes, and i do NOT recommend wearing slippers), we got to the mud place. the volcanic mud is supposed to have therapeutic properties. oh well, i got in just for the fun of it.

* picture courtesy of elaine chung.

the mud felt yucky with twigs, leaves and angel-knows-what in it. the friendly guide told us a newly-wed lost her wedding ring in the mud and it has yet to be found. i did try to feel around for it *shy*

cynthia (far left) refused to get into the mud but we all gave her a big muddy hug.


after hiking back to the resort, we headed towards the sea to wash off the mud. another advice for those who wants to dip in the mud –> wear something dark. the mud “stain” can be hell-ish to remove! later, we walked to our room for a much needed shower before heading to the dining area of the resort for our lunch.

after checking out of the room, we took a boat ride back to kuala penyu town. from there, we took the ferry to cross the river to the other side and drove back to kota kinabalu.

this was truly a relaxing and enjoyable trip. i would love to visit tempurung seaside lodge again… if i can find my way back.