through gus' lenses

November 8, 2010

17th april 2010 – 2nd day at kundasang… we drove about 15 minutes from fairy garden resort to the nearby kundasang town as my friend needed to withdraw some cash. the one and only automated teller machine (atm) is from alliance bank. or at least that was what we could see.

 here, ladies and gentlemen, is the kundasang township, which looked pretty much deserted. presumably it was the weekend. nearby the town is the kundasang war memorial, which we did not visit this time round.

after that, we drove to mount kinabalu heritage resort & spa (previously known as perkasa hotel), which is located on top of a hill. the road leading to it seems steep. initially i thought my little 1.3 Myvi could not make it. but the driver was amazingly competent. but we made it nonetheless.

the quaint building to the left of the suspension bridge is the spa.

after exploring the place, my friend took advantage of the wifi connection to go online while i went around taking pictures of the numerous moths and bugs. believe me, there were more… so much more than these few pictures. to the point i felt as if i could be discovering new species.

spot the moth.

spot the moth…….. ok, kidding. there aren’t any.

no idea what is this.

later, we went back to kinabalu national park for a walk. i was pretending… erm, i forgot what was i pretending to do.

this is the final picture of our “good” time in the kinabalu national park before we were stuck in the afternoon rain, in the middle of the park’s trail, without umbrella nor rain coat. worse, we intepreted the map wrongly and walked further away from the main entrance of the park. so, it was a good thing there were shelters along the way. we sat there, trying to read our books/entertain ourselves, but the chilly air got to us. we tried to flag passing vehicles. finally, one thankfully decided we did not look like criminals to drive us to the main entrance. we got into our car and drove back to our resort.

nothing to end the day happy like a hot, delicious meal.

to be continued…


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