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November 29, 2010

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18th april 2010 – third and final day in kundasang.

view from the balcony of our room at fairy garden resort. tel: 088-889688.

we had breakfast at the cafe across the road from kinabalu national park. cheap and good! these are just random customers at the cafe. snapped their picture because i love the way their hair was lit up by the morning sun.

kinabalu national park with mt kinabalu at the background.

since it was a sunday, before i drove back to kota kinabalu, we dropped by a church in kundasang for a visit. i was so encouraged by them. the congregation sang their hearts out, led by the worship leader with only a guitar as an accompaniment. and even though they did not have much money, they gave it anyway to send their evangelist for further education. also, the pastor served passionately, lingering behind to talk to her “flock”, even the young ones.


a few days before our visit, the church building was broken into by men who threatened the church. fortunately, no one was harmed.

unlike church members in the city, these villagers have to walk under the sweltering sun to get to church and to return home around noon!

i have so much more to learn from them.


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  1. Glamiva Says:

    It’s so great to hear stories like yours here. Teaches people to be modest and humble.

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