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mabul island – day 2 December 21, 2010

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11th september 2010 – one of my colleague and i woke up at 7am for a quick breakfast before rushing to the jetty to gear up for our first dive. however, due to miscommunication, the dive operator booked us for  refresher dives instead of leisure dives. after waiting around for about 45 minutes, they managed to sort the logistics out. we were put under the care of DM simon lloyd. besides the slight mix-up, the people over at scuba junkie were totally professional. i would recommend them to divers, especially if you are on a budget (like us!)

unfortunately, i do not have an underwater casing for my good old gus (aka canon 350d), so i was unable to take any shots of the underwater world. for all you non-divers out there, especially if you are a nature lover, your life is incomplete without exploring the underwater world! anyway, our first dive was at the lobster’s wall, mabul. we saw fire dartfish, green turtles, crocodile fish, blue-spotted stingray and others.

after a short break, they took us over to seaventure house reef, mabul for our second dive. i was at this location about 3 years ago but this time round, the current was strong! we had to hold onto the rope while descending to the “floor”. we could feel the current against us. it certainly raised my heart rate there. but once we hit the depth of 17 metre, it was serene. we saw lion fish, moray’s eel, batfish, cornetfish and lots of other sealife. it was breathtaking.

after lunch, we did our final dive at awas, mabul. it was a relaxing dive. we spotted longhorn cowfish, tigertail seahorse, winged-pipefish, and the usual green turtles and stingrays. no, i am unable to identify most of the sealife. it was our divemaster who helped us to do so after each dive.

overall, i think sipadan is a better place to dive, but it is much more expensive compared to diving off mabul.

later in the afternoon, we hit the beach and spent the rest of the day reading books, snacking away and taking occasional pictures.

mr. doggie, waiting for us to throw him some potato chips. he did not get any because it wasn’t enough to go around it was not healthy for his coat of fur.

when we first arrived at scuba junkie mabul resort, the rest of the guests were caucasians. the next day, this group of indonesians/malaysians arrived. although seeing other asians brought about a sense of familiarity, but personally, i did not appreciate the ruckus they created. but that was just me. i prefer peace and quietness, minus cigarette smoke.

when the sun set, the wind got too cold for me, so i stayed in the room til dinner. due to tiredness, we hit the sack early that night.

to be continued…


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  1. eeB Says:

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!! :)..Good to see you relaxing and enjoying life..:)

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