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mabul island – day 3 December 26, 2010

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12th september 2010 – it was our final day on mabul island. we spent the rest of the day strolling around aimlessly.


 various dive sites covered by scuba junkie.

 pathway outside our chalet, leading towards the beach.

 sweeping away grains of sand.  yea yea yea, fixated at freudian’s anal stage.

pretending resting on the hammock

 nearby village


villagers make a living selling handicrafts and souveniers made from creatures of the sea. do NOT buy these shark’s jaws! we will only encourage them to kill more sharks.

pendants made from shells

 i wonder who would want to get these dried triggerfish? imagine them in your living room. certainly a conversation piece. but.. yikes.

 no idea what are these but… double yikes.


 sipadan water village on the left, and mabul village on the right. note the disparity.

 sipadan water village.

colleague and i at the jetty of scuba junkie. notice the clarity of the water. so inviting!

 seaventure dive resort. i stayed there 3 years ago and wrote a post about it here.

 around 4pm, a speed boat took us back to the mainland, semporna.

we had seafood dinner at this restaurant, just opposite the jetty. great food, reasonable price.

we took our time at the restaurant because the coach was to depart only at 7.30pm, and it took us just 15 minutes to walk to the bus terminal. we bought our semporna-kota kinabalu tickets for RM75 at inanam bus terminal, the same time we got our kota kinabalu-semporna tickets. make sure you do not misplace the tickets. one of my colleagues could not remember where she had kept her ticket. she almost had to pay an extra Rm75 for another ticket. fortunately, she found them inside her backpack, after emptying all her things.

warning: they depart at 7.30pm sharp without waiting for latecomers. i soon found out the reason. along the way, they would pick up “illegal” passengers. i believe they split the profit amongst themselves. some “illegal” passengers would take over the seats of those who could not make it in time. when the seats were full, they would sit on the steps of the coach, near the driver. and we wonder why motor vehicle accidents happen rampantly *slaps forehead*

around midnight, we stopped over at telupid for toilet breaks. some of them grabbed a quick meal.

after journeying for 9 hours, we arrived at inanam bus terminal around 4.30am. i reached home around 6am, unpacked my things, showered, slept for a bit and then went to work at 9am!

all in all, it was quite an unforgettable experience. i wouldn’t mind doing it all over again. anyone?


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