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singapore – day 1 January 3, 2011

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it’s already 2011 and i’m still posting up entries from the previous year. how backdated can i get?

for those of you who knows me, knows that i spent 6.5 years of my life in the republic of singapore. three years of studying nursing, followed by 3.5 years of serving my bond with a hospital (how i landed in the lion city in 1994 to do nursing is another totally different story altogether. bring me out for a cup of coffee for the full version). in the year 2000/2001, i left singapore for further studies, only to visit this place briefly at the end of year 2001, enroute back to kota kinabalu. so, it has been almost a decade since i last visit singapore.

on 9th october 2010, i flew in to johor via air asia, arriving at the senai airport. from there, i took the causeway link express to the city lounge (kota raya) at the cost of RM8.00. then, i boarded the singapore bus service, which brought me to the kranji mrt station, after clearing immigration points at the malaysia/singapore border.

long story short, my friend and i went for city harvest church worship service at expo during the evening. after that, we had dinner and went for a walk.

view of singapore flyer from esplanade

on top of esplanade. from this picture, you can tell that my friend has shaky hands needs improvement in taking photographs. but i like the blurry effect.

marina bay sands hotel from esplanade.

the skyline of singapore

my friend, cyn lee, whose picture was taken by someone with a somewhat steadier pair of hands a.k.a moi.

the esplanade. i did not notice the couple on the lawn until after i took this picture.

artwork inside the esplanade.

to be continued…


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