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j residence @kundasang – day 2 January 8, 2011

9th december 2010 – we woke up bright and early and drove to an eatery opposite kinabalu park for breakfast.

view of the eatery from kinabalu park.

after breakfast, we walked over to kinabalu park. before entering the park, we stopped by this booth to pay the conservation fee of RM3 (malaysian above 18 years old).

shelters with bbq pits within the park.

the sound of running river is therapeutic to the soul.

fern shoot

mt kinabalu summit trail

this is the entrance to the j residence. the road leading to the residence can be quite steep. as a result, i ditched my car and walked to the kinabalu park. but we needed the car to drive us out for lunch.

we headed towards the nabalu lodge & cafe & bakery, which is about 10 minutes drive from j residence. after lunch, we spent some time reading at the cafe. pretty soon, we got bored and went back to j residence for a nap before dinner.

view of the valley from our balcony

we could enjoy the view of the valley while in the shower too.

my friend, margaret on the right.

we went for a walk nearby j residence before dinner.

dinner was at this restaurant – restoran bayu kinabalu. it is only 3 – 5 minutes walk away from j residence.

i had tom yam noodle while my friend ordered the stir fried beef with rice and corn soup. in one of my previous posts, i commented that the food at restoran bayu kinabalu is unpalatable. however, since then, they had a change of management (and cook as well i believe) so the food tastes much better.

with a satisfied stomach, we went home to j residence for a movie and a good night sleep.

to be continued…


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