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family & friends January 27, 2011

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q: what was the kindest thing a stranger ever did for you?

a: it was during the late 1990’s when i was a nursing student in singapore. i did not have any classes during one of the mornings. so i went over to my friend’s place and stole took without permission borrowed his brother’s mountain bike and went for a ride in the east coast park.

on my way, i fell off the bike and rammed my left leg against the metal railing, exposing my tibia! i was bleeding down my left leg and feeling faint. i tried to wave down passing vehicles to bring me to the hospital but no one stopped for me.

after quite some time, a car stopped to assess my situation. but she took a look at her watch and told me she has no time. after what seemed like eternity, a sikh on a scooter stopped to help. he was unable to put me on his scooter so he waved down another car to call an ambulance (this was the era when handphone was still not widely used). while waiting for the ambulance, the sikh stopped a lorry driver and his workers. they helped to load my friend’s brother’s bike on to the lorry and sent it back!

to this day, i have no idea who the sikh nor the lorry driver and workers were. they could have turned a blind eye. they could have stolen my friend’s brother’s bike. but they did not. instead, they showed kindness to a stranger in need. for this, i am forever grateful.


post scriptum: i got nine stitches to the open wound over my left leg, which thankfully did not require any bone debridement, as well as an intramuscular tetanus shot to my deltoid. to this day, i bear a visible scar.


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