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kudat – day 1 March 21, 2011

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28th january 2011 – i can’t remember the details of this trip. serves me right for posting this entry two (2) whole months later!


but i sure remember the yummy-licious seafood we had at 2899 seafood stall. yes, that’s the name of the stall. it is located near upperdeck hotel in kudat.

call the owner at +6016 831 7338 to pre-order your seafood to avoid disappointment.


to be continued…


heigh ho, heigh ho, to kundasang off i go – final day March 11, 2011

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27th january 2011 – we spent our final day in kundasang hanging around j residence, before driving back to kota kinabalu.


view of room 5a and 5b at j residence, kundasang.

my nephew and i went bug-hunting in its vicinity.






later, my nephew wanted to pick some flowers for his mother.

the aunty decided to style her obliging nephew for a portrait shoot *wink wink*

after packing up, we drove back to kota kinabalu.

along the way, we dropped by pekan nabalu to get some fruits e.g. bananas, pineapples, sweetcorn, et cetera.


before reaching kota kinabalu, we made one last stop at tuaran town for its famous noodle.

tuaran noodle.

it was a refreshing trip. a good mixture of fun, food and rest.


heigh ho, heigh ho, to kundasang off i go – day 2 March 3, 2011

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26th january 2011 – as i mentioned in the previous post, i like j residence, so much so that i booked the exact same room for my parents & i, as well as the adjacent room with connecting door for my sister and family.


we stayed in room 2a and room 2b.

some of the amenities include kettle, mugs, coffee, television and DVD player. do bring your own DVDs, unless you do not mind outdated movies. *wine not inclusive.


my parents did not mind the open concept of the bathroom, except the fact that it got too cold at night for them to shower. we ended up borrowing a pail from them on the second night, and boiled hot water to mix with the cold water for shower.


the notorious steep road leading to j residence. however, if your driving sucks you prefer not to put your driving skill to test on this steep and narrow road, you can opt to park outside by the road. but take the security of your car into consideration.


anyway, on the second day in kundasang, we decided to drive to ranau to visit the hot spring. it was about 45 minutes to 1 hour drive. entrance fee is required though i cannot recall the price. but it is reasonable.

to get to the hot spring, we need to cross this hanging bridge – jambatan sungai mamut.

sungai mamut, or mamut river.

my nephew, ezra holding a big leaf to shelter from the drizzle. note: he brought the leaf back to beijing.


poring hot spring

notice the steam. one can feel the heat just by standing near it.

the open bath area, where there are individual tubs for you to fill with hot spring water and dip in it. but the hygiene level is less than desirable. i saw bird poo in the tub, along with dried leaves and bird feathers. i strongly recommend that you clean it first before usage. also, do not wear your swimsuit if possible as it may lose its elasticity. bikinis are preferred *winks*

after a nice hot dip,  we hiked for about 30 minutes to the waterfall, while my nephew and brother-in-law did the canopy walk. on hindsight, we should have hiked before dipping in the spring water. oh well.


there are chalet/lodge around the area for rental.


i also noticed a neglected camping ground overgrown with weeds.

we stopped by the stalls outside the poring hotspring & nature reserves to buy some souveniers and ice cream…

and headed back to our home away from home.

… to be continued