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standard chartered singapore marathon 2011 December 20, 2011

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4 Dec 2011 – volunteered as a medic for standard chartered singapore marathon 2011. Few days before the actual day, we were given a briefing by a doctor and an A&E nurse manager on our medical stations, responsibilities, and dress code.


a t-shirt of dri-fit material was distributed to us to wear on the actual day.


on the day of marathon, we gathered at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital at 1.30am!!! A coach then sent us to our respective stations.


I was posted to Padang area, the notoriously busy medical tent as it was the nearest station to the finishing line. We arrived to the site around 2.30am.


Final briefing was given on site.


Preparation work began – Arranging medical equipments and supplies; being familiar with the equipments, which was not an issue as we were already using it at our workplace; and preparing the ice to cool off runners and intravenous normal saline to hydrate them.


Our tent was divided into 3 areas. P1 for minor injuries/ailments, P2 to attend to runners with intermediate medical attention and P3 for life threatening emergencies.


I was posted to P2 area where we saw mainly heat exhausted runners. Besides that, there were also runners with low sodium in their bloodstream with symptoms that required medical attention.


The runners kept us on our toes from 7.30am til almost 3pm. By then, I was exhausted with only 2 hours of sleep the previous night. Once home, I showered and slept til the following day. Thankfully I was on afternoon shift.

It was quite an experience and I would have done it all over again. It was a joy meeting runners from different places and different walks of life. Some of them inspired me with their determination and perseverance.


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