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to hike or not to hike January 22, 2012

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If I do not have any plans on a Sunday morning, and if I do not feel tired from the previous day’s work, I usually ask myself this question: ‘to hike or not to hike’.

Most of the time, my lazy bum would choose to laze at home. But on those rare occasions when I manage to drag myself out of bed, shower, put on proper attire, take a bus and get to MacRitchie reservoir; I have no regrets. It is most certainly a great place to sweat it out, burn some calories and enjoy the surrounding flora and fauna.


Usually I’ll take the Nature Trail, towards the Tree Top walk, and down Jelutong Tower, ending at the boardwalk. This 10km route was shown to me by a friend, Bee.

Tree Top walk. Once, I made a mistake of looking down at the trees below and my legs just stopped in its track. I looked around sheepishly, and seeing there wasn’t a single soul around, I abandoned my pride and used both hands to hold on to the handrails for my dear life. Okay, I exaggerated a tad bit.

If you are hiking with a friend, I suggest both of you stop talking at this point. Concentrate on getting enough oxygen into your lungs. Looks easy to you? Try it, show off.

Down the Tree Top walk.


Towards Jelutong Tower


Step on these to cross the stream.



trail leading us to the boardwalk


If you do not want to dirty your running/hiking shoes, avoid coming here the day after a heavy rain.

Cyn L and Cin C navigating the muddy trail


View of the reservoir. It does not look this murky usually.


The pond with crystal clear water, the day after a heavy rain.


Fauna. Can you spot it?

At the boardwalk, you may spot the ‘four-legged snake’

I ALWAYS look forward to see these monkeys


On one of the hikes, I saw this monkey scratching away at its facial injuries, which I guess was from gang fights. Hope no infection sets in…

So, will you join me for a hike the next time round?


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