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Welcome Seafood Restaurant April 18, 2012

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Last month, I was back in Kota Kinabalu again, in order to clear my annual leave for the previous year. Without fail, whenever I return to my hometown, I will have to have my share of seafood!

Three of my favourite seafood restaurants are Ocean Seafood Restaurant (good food, efficient service but price is slightly higher), Salut Seafood Restaurant (need to travel by car >45mins, average food, but cheap!) and Welcome Seafood restaurant. Portview Seafood Restaurant is good too, but slightly more expensive.

As far as I know, there are two (2) branches of Welcome Seafood Restaurant. One in Penampang, and another more centrally-located one in Asia City.

There are a variety of seafood to choose from, though I must say I am against serving of certain species of fishes. Consolation is, they do not serve shark’s fins.

Scallop is a fast-moving item. Come later than 7pm and you may be disappointed.


Scallop with garlic. Heavenly!

Crabs in sweet and sour sauce (or was it buttermilk sauce?)

Crabs in steamed egg white

Erm… ?

Local vegetable

Best thing is, all for only RM57!!!

Before the end of my week-long holidays, I went to Welcome Seafood Restaurant once more. This time round, I had scallops with chilli…

Kam heong crabs…

and similar dishes such as the shells, vegetable and their in-house special tofu.

As I’m writing up this post, I can still remember the heavenly taste of the scallops and the scrumptious crabs.

Now, when is my next trip back home?


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