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beringgis beach June 20, 2012

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31st january 2011 – yes, you read that right. these pictures were from 1.5 years ago, when we brought little ezra to beringgis beach along papar road for a dip. but i must say, these pictures show everything but the beach.

erm, palm tree?

flowers floating in some pot at a nearby cafe

a huge grasshopper landed on our car and decided to rest there for a bit.

the nephew enjoyed the time at the beach so much he refused to leave. in the end, he was carried away naked by his mother. there was a picture of him but i shall refrain from posting it up here keep the pedophiles away.

anyway, ezra and his parents stayed for a few more days in kota kinabalu in order to celebrate chinese new year 2011 together. after which, they returned to beijing. not long after, i relocated to singapore to work (yes, the entriesĀ in this blog is a little jumbled up!)

the next few blog entries will be on my visit to beijing with my parents. so, stay tuned!