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china – day 1 August 7, 2012

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5th may 2012 – finally, the blog entry on my recent trip to beijing! i think i arrived early in the morning, slept a bit and then spent the rest of the day with my family and the nephew. that’s the problem with posting up an entry 3 months later. i can hardly remember the details. oh well… let’s just focus on the photographs taken then.

iris, from my sister’s garden.

cheeky nephew and i.

i have no idea what we did for the rest of the day. but we had an early dinner at annie’s, the italian restaurant nearby my sister’s place. delicious food they have.

nephew’s loose front tooth, which i got to pull out bare-handedly a few days later.

ok, i have no idea what to write anymore. we’ll just wait and see what’s in my collection of photographs for the next few days then.

p.s. i never said i was a good blogger. so, sorry for the abrupt end. ta!


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