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china trip – day 5 May 5, 2013

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10th may 2012 – guess what?! i found pictures from my china trip for day 5 in one of my pendrive. it was from a visit to shaanxi history museum. i think what i’ll do is to upload all the pictures minus any captions as it has been a year since the trip and i don’t think i can remember much from it.

_MG_5929 copy

_MG_5936 copy

_MG_5943 copy

_MG_5944 copy

_MG_5949 copy

_MG_5960 copy

_MG_5964 copy

_MG_5974 copy

this is a really cool seal… multifaceted.

_MG_5980 copy

_MG_5982 copy

_MG_5985 cropped copy

_MG_5995 copy

_MG_5998 copy

_MG_6000 copy

_MG_6003 copy

_MG_6013 copy

_MG_6016 copy

_MG_6017 copy

_MG_6018 copy

the following pictures are from a muslim street in xi’an.


_MG_6020 copy

_MG_6021 copy

_MG_6024 copy

_MG_6025 copy

_MG_6031 copy

i do remember these dumplings… delicious!


_MG_6036 copy

think this is the drum tower (or was it the bell tower)


_MG_6041 copy

_MG_6045 copy

_MG_6047 copy

_MG_6049 copy

_MG_6055 copy

_MG_6056 copy

_MG_6059 copy

_MG_6064 copy

picture from atop drum/bell tower… went alone. walked around under the hot sun.. but totally worth it.


_MG_6066 copy

_MG_6067 copy

_MG_6075 copy

– the end –


genting highland January 14, 2013

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beginning april 2012 – soo san and a group of friends chartered a coach and went to genting highland over the weekend (i think). this post is almost a year behind, so do forgive me for the hazy memory.


the old road winding road leading up to genting highland. i can hardly remember the first time that i was here. probably a little more than a decade ago! it was with a friend, angela liew. at that time, we took a lot of rides. this time round, i think i spent my time eating, catching a midnight movie, and… that’s it. oh, i went to have a look at the casino.


view from our hotel – resort world genting (i think)


soo san and i, on out way back to singapore.

ok, one more post down…


china – day 5 August 28, 2012

9th may 2012 – we booked a cab the previous night to take us to the terracota warriors in lintong, xi’an, shaanxi province from our hotel in xi’an city. on our way, we dropped by banpo museum. and visited huaqing hot spring on our way back.


entrance to banpo museum.


residential site



men in banpo did not get to live beyond 30 years old. so says the travel guide.


if you are hard-pressed for time, i suggest you skip the banpo museum. i did not find it interesting.

onwards to the terracota warriors and horses! the museum is divided into 3 pits. here is the entrance to pit 2.


can you spot the pottery soldiers?


mind you, they are life size.


blurry picture due to poor lighting. and one has to jostle with the rest of the crowd for a good picture.






after a while, they begin to look somewhat alike.



entrance to Pit 3



simply amazing!






the terracota warriors and horses is definitely worth a visit.

on our way back to xi’an city, we visited the huaqing hot spring. it is made famous by a king, who built the palace for his concubine (yang guifei), said to be one of the four most beautiful women in ancient china.




site of imperial pool, i think.


this is supposedly where yang guifei took her bath.




we got back to xi’an city around evening and walked around the area near citadines central, looking for food…





had dumplings here…


i love, love, LOVE the dumplings here.


after dinner, we went to musline street, again.



can hardly remember what we did for the rest of the night… probably just strolled along muslim street and then back to the hotel for an early night.




china – day 4 August 27, 2012

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8th may 2012 – we flew from beijing to xi’an, shaanxi province of china; to visit the terracota warriors and horses of emperor qin shi huang’s mausoleum.

waiting to board…

can’t remember which airline we flew with, but it was a local airlines. not too bad.

this picture was taken around zubashi street, near citadines central, where my parents and i stayed for the next 4 days, 3 nights.

on our way to muslim street

chinese muslim

dates of different grades for sale along muslim street

one of the entrance to muslim street

some snacks, i think

made from shan zha or hawthorn berry

car squeezing in between stalls…

we had dinner here

lamb with “bread”

drum tower

citadines central of xi’an, shaanxi province

another abrupt end…


china – day 2 August 9, 2012

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6th may 2012 – la di da…. what did i do on my 2nd day in beijing? i guess i’ll go with the photographs.

alrighty, more flowers from the garden.

yup, orchid.

having delicious dimsum at Excellent Tang Palace. H&M top from my sister (that explains why it differs from my usual style)

dimsum spread

had a stroll with the family around the compound of my sister’s place.

more flowers


ezra blowing a dandelion

a huff…

… and a puff!








china – day 1 August 7, 2012

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5th may 2012 – finally, the blog entry on my recent trip to beijing! i think i arrived early in the morning, slept a bit and then spent the rest of the day with my family and the nephew. that’s the problem with posting up an entry 3 months later. i can hardly remember the details. oh well… let’s just focus on the photographs taken then.

iris, from my sister’s garden.

cheeky nephew and i.

i have no idea what we did for the rest of the day. but we had an early dinner at annie’s, the italian restaurant nearby my sister’s place. delicious food they have.

nephew’s loose front tooth, which i got to pull out bare-handedly a few days later.

ok, i have no idea what to write anymore. we’ll just wait and see what’s in my collection of photographs for the next few days then.

p.s. i never said i was a good blogger. so, sorry for the abrupt end. ta!


kudat – day 3 May 25, 2012

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goodness gracious me! these pictures were taken on 30th january 2011, about one and a half year ago, and yet i’m only posting them up now. obviously procrastinating.

anyway, better late than never, right?

main entrance to kudat golf & marina resort. there must be a lot of koreans golfing at the resort’s gold course because they dedicated a special corner at the lobby just for the koreans.

i know i look like a mess in this picture but my nephew is just too cute!


my cousin’s coffee shop. the banana fritters come highly recommended from me. a must-have for tea time.


in the afternoon, we went for a walk at bak-bak beach. this was my favourite place to go when i was young, whenever we visit during chinese new year.




ok, this is the abrupt end to my 3rd and final day in kudat.