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Singapore art museum July 21, 2011

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4 may 2011 – i was still waiting for my employment pass in Singapore to be approved. therefore, I had some time to tour the city before my life revolves around my work…





hallway of singapore art museum (sam)


mirror placed at the top & bottom of circular bookshelves to create an illusion of never-ending books


an installation of mirrors & bulbs representing something which i am unable to recall


tunic made up of squirrels’ skin, to convey a message which i am unable to remember… at all.


don’t ask…


a piece by a Malaysian artist


wings, made from slippers of ex-convicts of changi prison


close-up of said slippers. note the convict’s number


“flying angels” by an indonesian artist


a piece to represent the disparity between the poor & the rich


violence vs innocence



an abrupt end.


national museum of singapore July 16, 2011

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2 may 2011 – the thought of visiting a museum may bore some (or most?) people. but not me. i enjoy discovering the history of a place, though at the end of the day, i may not necessarily remember the facts i learnt *sheepish*



view of the national museum of singapore from across the street.


the construction of the dome of this building is said to have driven a chinese contractor to madness.




interesting spiral staircase within the building.




there was an exhibition of the history of black dresses going on when I was there. the dress with a guitar at the rear is designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 1983.


bottles of carbonated drinks of old


herbs & spices


put your nose near the funnel-shaped metal piece, pull the ring, and you will get a whiff of the corresponding herbs/spices.


retro mugs


containers for takeaways. a far cry from our styrofoam packs now.




john little’s of old


e-guide round the museum


blast from the past

set aside one whole day for a detailed visit with a relaxing break at their in-house cafe.


heigh ho, heigh ho, to kundasang off i go… again – day 1 February 25, 2011

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25th january 2011 – my sister and her family came back to kota kinabalu for chinese new year celebration. one of the trips was to kundasang.


on our way to kundasang, we stopped by tamparuli for our brunch. this is tamparuli’s well-known chow mien. i love it!

they also have kon lou mien.

since i had an enjoyable experience at j residence during my previous visit to kundasang about a month ago, i booked the family at the same place for a two-night stay. after checking in, we wasted no time in visiting the town.

we decided to visit the kundasang war memorial. entrance fee for malaysians is RM2.





for more information about kundasang war memorial and the death march, you may click here and here. i am grateful for the courageous australian and british servicemen who perished for our land. also, the unsung local heroes, some of whom died trying to offer assistance to the servicemen.











 my 4-year-old nephew, ezra. this is one of the rare decent pictures of him sans funny faces.





 “lest we forget”


to be continued…


sunset February 23, 2011

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7th january 2011 – have i told you how much i love sunset?

yeah, i looooove sunset.


2011 @kokol February 21, 2011

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1 january 2011 – oh, the sight that greeted me on the morning of a brand new year!

sunrise at approximately 7am.

the majestic mt kinabalu.


camping @mamutik island January 25, 2011

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16th december 2010 – the next day, i woke up bright and early around 6am to catch the sunrise. it was well worth it. i will let the rest of the pictures do the talking…












view from inside the tent at around 7am.

it was quiet and tranquil during the early morning sans tourist. the water looked so inviting i had to snorkel for one last time before leaving the island.



we departed from the island around 2pm. it was a great experience for me of staying overnight on mamutik island. definitely a first for me.

how i love sabah!


camping @mamutik island January 24, 2011

15th december 2010 – a week ago, sharon c and i planned to camp overnight at the nearby mamutik island. initally, we called the sabah sanctuary lodge (tel: 088-243 629) for permission to camp on the island. but they directed us to the sabah parks headquarter (tel: 088-486420/486432), who then asked us to call the sabah parks mamutik island directly (tel: 088-442116). however, getting someone to pick up the telephone at their office on mamutik island was no easy feat. in the end, we were given the handphone number of, i assume, their park warden – mr. azi (hp: 019 840 5640), who told us to just turn up at the island on our scheduled date. no fuss, no hassles.


so, in the morning, sharon c and i met up at jesselton point ferry terminal. we headed towards the counter to get our tickets for the boat ride to mamutik island. personally, i prefer counter no. 8, aparu holiday tours sdn bhd, due to elaine‘s recommendation. we paid RM15/pax for a return ferry service to mamutik island. on top of that, we need to fork out another RM7.20 for the ferry terminal tariff fee & service charge.


after all that, we walked a short distance to the jetty to board our boat. a pleasant 15-minute boat ride took us right to the jetty of the mamutik island. at the entrance, we paid the conservation fee of RM3 (for malaysian) and another RM5 for camping fee. since neither of us own a tent, we rented one from the sabah parks, which cost a reasonable RM38/night.


after choosing a spot between two trees on a sandy patch, we attempted to set up the tent. the western couple nearby were amused by us. but we finally figured it out. later, we found out the couple were the only other campers for that night.


once we settled down, we sauntered around the island, looking for the hiking trail. looking at the picture above, who would have guessed that, THAT IS the starting point of the trail? warning: look out for monitor lizards. although they are generally harmless, they can potentially scare the wits out of you when you do not expect them.


the trail was easy peasy, we hiked in our slippers.

sea view beyond these trees.

wild fungi 

messy intricate spider web reflecting the sunlight.

huge tree roots

 more wild fungi. at the end of the trail, i had quite a few mosquito bites.

burial ground of the early settlers of mamutik island.

 later, i snorkelled for a short while…

… before joining sharon c on the beach, under the shade, to read.



 utter bliss.

later, we went to mamutik cafe for a late lunch. their price is reasonable at approximately RM2 – 4 for drinks and RM3 – 8 for food. at the same time, we ordered take away meals for our dinner, which we later picked up before 4pm.


both of us had the assam laksa maggi mee with egg. yum.


the rest of the afternoon was spent idly reading away. before the sun set, we took our shower at the bathroom located behind our tent.


while i was in the shower, sharon c spotted a rainbow and snapped a picture of it.

 our mess.

in the evening, while there was still light, we ate our dinner. i had black pepper beef with rice.

at night, we did more reading at the jetty, the only place with light besides the bathroom.

we retired to sleep around 10pm. once in a while, the park wardens patrolled the island. i was awaken once by one of them shining his torch directly into our tent. i slept fitfully throughout the night.


to be continued…