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nursing = low-skilled job? February 22, 2013

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it doesn’t matter if nurses graduated with good grades or top of their nursing cohort.

it doesn’t matter if nurses have a diploma/advanced diploma/bachelor’s/masters/PhD degree in nursing.

it doesn’t matter because when nurses put on the nursing uniform, they are automatically perceived as a “low-skilled worker” *; who only knows how to change patient’s diaper, shower/sponge the patient, serve medications, take vital signs (temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, pain score), follow doctors’ instructions and et cetera.

on top of that, nurses may face demanding patients/patients’ relatives; who talk to them in a condescending manner, at times hurling unnecessary vulgarities/curses (that’s you, Mr Y), and if the nurses are really unfortunate, they become victims of violence (yes, a colleague was kicked right at her chest by a patient).

oh, did we forget, nurses need to take on the dreaded shift: 7am-3:15pm, 1:15pm-9:30pm, as well as the graveyard shift. they work round the clock to alleviate the pain and discomfort of the patients, including those who are abusive towards them.

and in return? nurses get a less than desirable pay… and are labelled as “low-skilled” workers.

so, before the government whines about the lack of nurses (especially local ones) in the country, take a real good look at the way nurses are treated.



* as described in the Population White Paper in Singapore Parliament


standard chartered singapore marathon 2011 December 20, 2011

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4 Dec 2011 – volunteered as a medic for standard chartered singapore marathon 2011. Few days before the actual day, we were given a briefing by a doctor and an A&E nurse manager on our medical stations, responsibilities, and dress code.


a t-shirt of dri-fit material was distributed to us to wear on the actual day.


on the day of marathon, we gathered at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital at 1.30am!!! A coach then sent us to our respective stations.


I was posted to Padang area, the notoriously busy medical tent as it was the nearest station to the finishing line. We arrived to the site around 2.30am.


Final briefing was given on site.


Preparation work began – Arranging medical equipments and supplies; being familiar with the equipments, which was not an issue as we were already using it at our workplace; and preparing the ice to cool off runners and intravenous normal saline to hydrate them.


Our tent was divided into 3 areas. P1 for minor injuries/ailments, P2 to attend to runners with intermediate medical attention and P3 for life threatening emergencies.


I was posted to P2 area where we saw mainly heat exhausted runners. Besides that, there were also runners with low sodium in their bloodstream with symptoms that required medical attention.


The runners kept us on our toes from 7.30am til almost 3pm. By then, I was exhausted with only 2 hours of sleep the previous night. Once home, I showered and slept til the following day. Thankfully I was on afternoon shift.

It was quite an experience and I would have done it all over again. It was a joy meeting runners from different places and different walks of life. Some of them inspired me with their determination and perseverance.


workplace July 26, 2010

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rarely do i post any photographs from my workplace. here’s one, to commemorate my 2nd year at this college.

another half a year or so, i shall bid farewell to this place.


conversation at the workplace March 5, 2010

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conversation between  大媽 and  小媽.

大媽: are you able to work this weekend? we need you to interview the nursing candidates during the college’s career day.

小媽: oh, i can’t. saturday, i have to teach part-time at another university. and sunday, i have my daughter’s PTA meeting to attend…. blah… blah… blah.

大媽: oh. so how?

小媽: *tried to push responsibility to other colleagues*

when i overheard the conversation, i knew somehow i’d be roped in. so i made a quiet exit to visit the loo. miraculously, their conversation lasted looong enough for them to catch me when i was tip-toeing returning to my seat.

overhead 大媽 saying, “then you have to ask cathrine yourself”.

小媽: *in saccharine-sweet, diabetes-inducing  voice* cath, can you work this weekend?

me: oh… i am occupied this saturday afternoon and sunday morning.

小媽: *looked surprised that a single lady has a life beyond work. before long, used threatening tone and glare to get me to comply*

me: *caved in due to being below her in the food chain organizational chart*

such is life, or is it?


1malaysia @college October 25, 2009

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2nd october 2009 – mid-autumn festival/hari raya/deepavali celebration @college’s kota kinabalu metro campus.
* pictures courtesy of colleague, lim ml.


awaiting to be gift-wrapped as hampers



mooncakes arranged on the table of the student resource centre before the arrival of all the staff.
yummy food
pn annie, our college’s senior deputy principal
chan, lim & moi!


kanil, helping us to remove the decor after the 3-in-1 celebration… having fun in the process.


lim & i, fooling around with the decor
it was a fun celebration!

kk adventures park September 16, 2009

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6th june 2009 – students’ orientation week at kk adventures park.




reminds me of catherine zeta-jones in entrapment.


madam lukinah, ellyanti, madam dorothy and me!








wall climbing

tension… because all the students were watching!



and yes, phyllis-san… good thing MUST wait!


masiswa @jesselton point May 22, 2009

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25th april 2009 (saturday) – majlis sukan institusi swasta (MASISWA) futsal game at jesselton point. i was on duty as the college’s medic.

physiotherapy lecturer, vijay shankar and his students

ladies’ futsal team

cheer team

masliza & i – medics at work
assessing an injury
cleaning up a wound
more wound
our college emerged as the MASISWA overall champion. well done!

i was on duty for almost 12 hours on a saturday. but strangely, i kind of had fun. thanks to julia who dropped by for a brief visit, as well as colleagues -masliza and vijay.