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all about ezra September 21, 2009

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12th – 19th july 2009 – a visit from my favourite nephew, little ezra (what am i talking about, i have only ONE nephew!)

ezra on the bean bag


he’s the love of the grandparents’ lives

lunch @ salut seafood restaurant. little ezra was easily satisfied with just a popsicle.

little ezra showing me his imitation of a monkey (ice cream moustache a bonus)

saw this eagle within the premise of the salut seafood restaurant. an eagle is not meant to be caged, is it?

emu… lovely eyelashes


babysitting little ezra while the parents went for a movie. stickers on his face, courtesy of the aunty *snicker*

oh well, til his next visit…


tanjung aru beach with little ezra February 4, 2009

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26th january 2009 – 1st day of chinese new year. in a bid to give ezra a headstart in scuba diving, i orientated him to the sun, sea and sand…

*pictures credit of brother-in-law



ezra looks kind of cool here with his upturned collar






ezra… again February 1, 2009

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26th january 2009 – 1st day of chinese new year…

was awaken by him (ezra, not barney) in the morning.

he was putting on the slippers for me

aunty & nephew, still in their jammies

wishing his parents, “gong xi fa cai

at tanjung aru beach

he looks like a big boy here



more of ezra January 30, 2009

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24th january 2009 – chinese new year eve’s eve…

ezra was curious as to why his popo (grandma) wants to dry the orange peel

playing with gung gung (grandpa)


_MG_0233 selective
grace prior to dinner at port view restaurant. he seems so earnest in prayer!

this is for those of you who are overseas… may you drool over this bowl of fish noodle at houng kee, damai and come back soon!

yum yum


ezra’s 2nd birthday January 28, 2009

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23rd january 2009 – my mischievious nephew, ezra, celebrated his 2nd birthday.

he’s the love of his grandparents’ lives


barney bag from his aunty cath and angpow from the grandparents

blueberry cheesecake, lovingly made by his grandma


meeting ezra November 14, 2008

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september 2008 – met up with my sister and her family as they were in kuala lumpur for a short holidays. my parents flew in to meet up with them.

i miss the little one…

cute right?
ezra appeared in an advertisement.

little ezra March 22, 2008

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8th-9th march 2008 – babysitting my one-year-old nephew is no easy feat…

first and foremost, got to prevent him from falling, bumping into sharp corners/edges, slipping, breaking fragile things, putting objects into his mouth, et cetera.

on top of that, got to find ways and means to keep him entertained

variety of food in hand to keep him fed and nourished

easily bored, he likes to be carried around instead of staying in one place

his sleep, our rest

shangrila’s tanjung aru resort



ezra & mum


chicken wings at kinabalu golf club

tanjung aru beach

ezra’s 1st outing to the beach

i think he’ll be ready to take up scuba diving… soon.

post scriptum: he left with his parents the very next day (10th march 2008). i still miss him :_(