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indonesia (bandung): day 4 July 4, 2009

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26th may 2009 – we spent the day travelling mostly on angkut (2,500; 1,500; 2,500 rupiah) from one shopping place to another. the angkut drivers were very helpful to provide us the direction. we walked a lot too. i enjoyed travelling the local way as i got to see more of bandung.


good old angkut



factory outlet!
more factory outlet!
generic perfumes
endless shopping
after a while, i got bored of shopping and started looking around, taking pictures; while waiting for my colleague/friend, lim to be done.


i enjoyed my lunch – mie jogja (14,000 rupiah), baso malang (10,500 rupiah) and jus alpukat (12,000 rupiah).


our final stop was at rumah mode. if i were to choose only one factory outlet to shop in, this would be it. good variety of clothes.




we spent 2 – 3 hours here. but if you think i bought a lot on this shopping spree, you are mistaken. total damage was only 292 800 rupiah (rm100). after a long day of shopping, we took a cab (20,000 rupiah) back to our hotel for a good night rest.


indonesia (jakarta & bandung): day 3 June 24, 2009

25th may 2009 – the next morning, we walked over to pasar pagi behind ibis mangga dua hotel for breakfast.


i had soto banjar (chicken with noodle in soup & rice! 16,000 rupiah) and jus alpukat (avacado juice, 15,000 rupiah).


pasar pagi… worth spending at least a day here.
stalls along the side walk, a common sight.
around noon, we took a cab (30,000 rupiah) from our hotel to gambir train station, where we took a 3-hour economy class train ride (25,000 rupiah) to bandung.


passengers can buy their meals/drinks on board but i chose to settle for half a dozen of doughnuts which i bought earlier on from pasar pagi.


when we arrived at bandung, we tried to hail a cab to hotel cemerlang which is only about 5- minute walk from the train station. but the unscrupulous cab driver refused to lower his price below 50,000 rupiah. in the end, we took an angkut, which cost us only 2,500 rupiah. hmpf!
hotel cemerlang (318,000 rupiah per night, buffet breakfast inclusive)
d’batoe, a boutique hotel we saw along our way to istana plaza for our dinner.
another interesting landmark, church of emmanuel.
tengsing udang (21,000 rupiah) and mango juice (16,500 rupiah) for dinner.
i love the mango juice. nice and thick.