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mamutik island October 27, 2007

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we went to mamutik island on 15th october 2007, during the hari raya holidays…

elaine, georgina, cynthia & sham

spent some time on board waiting for the other passengers to hop on…

meanwhile, we took pictures (picture courtesy of elaine)
more… (picture courtesy of elaine)

and more..
finally, we were off on a 15-minute boat ride

first thing first, makan! (picture courtesy of elaine)

after breakfast, cynthia read my book, while i went round mamutik island taking pics. sham and elaine went snorkeling whereas georgina sat under the shade, enjoying the sea breeze (picture courtesy of elaine)

nope, no sightings of jellyfish *phew*
modelling by tourist
elaine enjoying her teh c

elaine brought several bottles of beer but did not bring a bottle opener -_- so, dressed in my BEST (hehehehehehehe!) , i approached an uncle to get him to help us open the bottles with his swiss army pocket knife (picture courtesy of elaine)

[picture removed]

i think the beer made elaine happy, really happy (picture courtesy of elaine)

DO RE MI DRINK, by Homer J. Simpson
*ahem* La la la la…. *ahem*
DO…… the stuff… that buys me beer…
RAY….. the guy that sells me beer…
ME…… the guy… who drinks the beer,
FAR….. a long way to get beer…
SO…… I’ll have another beer…
LA…… I’ll have another beer…
TEA….. no thanks, I’m drinking beer…
That will bring us back to…
(Looks into an empty glass) D’OH!

later, i tore cynthia from the book and got her to model for me… (picture courtesy of elaine)

waited for our boat at the jetty around 2pm. meanwhile, we took more pictures!
i like this picture of cynthia…

was taking this picture of cynthia…

when elaine snapped this shot (picture courtesy of elaine)

picture taken by cynthia with “gus”
was taking this picture of sham…

when elaine shot me. check out my tummy! my cousin, siaw shing will not be pleased… (picture courtesy of elaine)


ordination of priest October 18, 2007

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’twas a holy day….

on the 14th october 2007, reverend kenneth thien su yin was ordained as a priest of the anglican community. he is the founder of d’stream anglican church, which happens to be the church that i go to. well, to be honest, i do not know the true significance of the whole thing. all i know is that, now i can have bread & wine during worship service, on a regular basis.

bishop albert vun, with rev yong thiam choy


aunty fui ying and zaccaria, witnessing the event

rev kenneth at far right, along with other priests to be ordained

rev kenneth making some public declaration (not too sure what it was… i was too focused in taking pics bah. don’t give me that pious look!)

signing “something” (ok, fine… if you really really really want to know what it was, come to d’stream this sunday and find out! i’m sure rev kenneth will give you a lengthy “anglican” explanation)

reciting “something”
bishop albert vun laying hands on rev kenneth (though you can’t see him)

bishop presenting a bible to rev kenneth. i’m sure there is a significance to this.

holy garb

hmm… i wonder what’s in the bag!?
canon moses chin’s robe

formal pic


family pic
cynthia lee & “ollie” (her camera)
the elegant serri

gerry and the ever smiley cynthia chia, who has an attractive soul

mv doulos October 17, 2007

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on a late sunday (7th october) afternoon, i looked out of my bedroom window and saw the crowd heading towards mv doulos. i thought to myself, “NOi won’t visit doulos when it is so crowded!

these were just some of the people that were walking towards doulos in the drizzle. so nice meh?

just . look . at . the . crowd!!! really, what’s so nice oh?

by evening, i was rewarded with an amazing view…

even doulos looked nicer @sunset. but still, why would i want to jostle with the rest of the crowd just to have a look around at the world’s biggest floating bookshop? so what if it may be the final time that it will ever dock in sabah?

okay, alright, so what!? i got right into the thick of the crowd on board mv doulos a week later! so what! it was worth it! too bad i didn’t bring “gus”. the sunset was unbelievably beautiful! (picture courtesy of elaine chung)


this picture was taken on board mv doulos by cynthia. from left to right: moi, sham & elaine

this was taken by moi. from left to right: cynthia, sham, elaine

and this, my dear, is taken by elaine, who unknowingly (or knowingly?) put two (2) tentacles on my head!!! those tentacles even slant along with my head. thanks, elaine!

post scriptum: on a serious note, i think mv doulos is really worth a visit. i mean, where else can you find a ship run by a crew, who are not even paid? on the contrary, the crew member needs to pay a sum of money just to serve on board. how rare is that! have you ever wonder what is their motivation?


who visits this blog? October 15, 2007

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averagely, about 15 persons visit this blog daily. i’m rather curious as to who drops by here. as far as i know, only these people are regulars (i think):-

1. maya (london)
2. keith (s’pore)
3. julia (sabah)
4. cyn chia (sabah)
5. bee (s’pore)
6. ken lip (tokyo)
7. winnie (sabah)
8. vivien (sabah)
9. cheang (sabah)

as for the rest, don’t keep me wondering… do drop me a comment and let me know who you are!

10. sham (sabah)
11. mei hsia (sabah)


sunset @jesselton point October 13, 2007

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post scriptum: 2 cor 1:9 but we had the sentence of death in ourselves, so that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead;
sometimes, we are brought to a situation, where we have no choice but to trust in God. it may be a difficult job/financial/relationship situation… any trials/sufferings/disappointments… where we are no longer in control, where we can’t trust in our own humanly wisdom. in times like these, we can choose to hold on to our own ways, thus sucking us deeper into the “black hole”, OR choose to trust in a God Who is mighty to save! a God Who is able to comfort us in our times of need. a God Who leads us through our difficulties. so that we may be able to comfort others with the same Comfort that we have received. so that we can be strengthened in order to strenghten others. what will be our choice?

sun-bow October 12, 2007

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the rare sun-bow, sighted on thursday…


ladies day out October 11, 2007

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mei hsia and i popped by julia’s place last saturday to visit julia’s mum…

julia and nephew ezra (no, not MY nephew, who’s also ezra)

julia, modelling her well-manicured hand

julia and her paternal grandma

mei hsia, who kena forced to model for me. cantik bah
after julia’s place, we went for porridge at foh sang, before adjorning to coffee bean for coffee
julia and her tai yi loong act. you got to love that!
cafe latte… my classic fave (my kopitiam fave is teh tarik! lagi best!)