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heigh ho, heigh ho, to kundasang off i go… again – day 1 February 25, 2011

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25th january 2011 – my sister and her family came back to kota kinabalu for chinese new year celebration. one of the trips was to kundasang.


on our way to kundasang, we stopped by tamparuli for our brunch. this is tamparuli’s well-known chow mien. i love it!

they also have kon lou mien.

since i had an enjoyable experience at j residence during my previous visit to kundasang about a month ago, i booked the family at the same place for a two-night stay. after checking in, we wasted no time in visiting the town.

we decided to visit the kundasang war memorial. entrance fee for malaysians is RM2.





for more information about kundasang war memorial and the death march, you may click here and here. i am grateful for the courageous australian and british servicemen who perished for our land. also, the unsung local heroes, some of whom died trying to offer assistance to the servicemen.











 my 4-year-old nephew, ezra. this is one of the rare decent pictures of him sans funny faces.





 “lest we forget”


to be continued…


restoran mei en February 24, 2011

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24th january 2011 – margaret brought me to restoran mei en at inanam to take pictures for the owner – louise, which happens to be her cell group member.


restoran mei en at inanam

margaret had kon lau mien

while i had pan mien.

louise’s restoran mei en also has buns, swiss rolls and pastries. great for tea break.

i love the mexican bun.

worth a try!


sunset February 23, 2011

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7th january 2011 – have i told you how much i love sunset?

yeah, i looooove sunset.


snacks @party play February 22, 2011

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4th january 2011 – i heard so much about party play at lintas but only managed to try it once with julia c. she had lambshank while i had these…


nachos with heavenly dips!

i can’t even remember the name of this dessert… but it was yummy! warm melted chocolate buried in the chocolate cake (or it seems like cake to me), which goes oh-so-well with the milky ice-cream.

highly recommended. the food, not the skinny chef.


2011 @kokol February 21, 2011

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1 january 2011 – oh, the sight that greeted me on the morning of a brand new year!

sunrise at approximately 7am.

the majestic mt kinabalu.


ushering in 2011 @kokol February 20, 2011

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31 december 2010 – initially, i planned to usher in 2011 with dinner and a movie with friends. however, part of my heart longed for more. and as circumstances had it, i was soon part of my church group heading towards kokol prayer summit to usher in the new year.


i have heard so much about the kokol prayer retreat centre but this was my first time there. i thought the architect who designed this building is genius. the design concept of the building is based on a picture in jerusalem showing Jesus carrying the cross to mount golgotha along the via delorosa.


to read more about kokol prayer summit, click here.

anterior view of kokol prayer retreat centre from the main road. as it is located approximately 2,800 feet above sea level, it is no wonder that the weather is cooling.


one of the two dogs guarding the prayer retreat centre.

have you seen such intricate spider web?

the surrounding neighbourhood.


nature lover will love it here!

our clean and cosy room.


to be continued…


outlook February 19, 2011

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q: what are three sounds that disturb you?

a: fingernails on a chalkboard, drilling, car vrooms.